We are Financial "Swing" Coaches

Just as the swing in golf is much more important than the clubs, the strategy or the swing in finances is much more important than the products used.

We Find Money That You Are Losing

Most people and businesses are doing things financially they think are moving them forward when in reality they are in neutral or even reverse. Consequently they will lose more money getting where they are going unless they allow us to educate them on their tax and money inefficiencies (personal and business) so they can be avoided, stopped or mitigated.

We show clients how avoiding the financial losses in life are more important than picking the winners!

With the least government intrusion possible, our mission is to help our clients increase and protect their wealth in the most tax and money efficient way. This leverages their money for multiple functions on a risk free basis, increases tax free retirement on an inflation adjusted basis and allows constant access to cash for future investment and business opportunities without interrupting the compounding of their money.

We Excel In 

Teaching clients that personal and business tax efficiency and velocity of money has a larger impact on their ability to create wealth than finding better investments with higher rates of return and more risk!

Optimizing the most effective tax-free retirement income tax strategies adjusted for inflation, especially for the business owner on a purely selective basis (do not have to cover any employees).

Establishing unique and flexible tax-advantaged Buy/Sell (Business Succession) Agreements for clients that result in substantial tax-free income at retirement.

Maximizing extensive Tax Incentive & Expense Reduction Programs for business & commercial property owners that are either under utilized or overlooked entirely.

Reducing the significant wealth transfer caused by the "Tax Explosion" of   qualified plans (401k, IRAs, etc.) upon distribution. This strategy provides more tax-free retirement income and cash for  future investment opportunities, long term health care needs, etc. without  interrupting the compounding of your money.

Teaching clients to Never Pay Retail for College so as not to jeopardize their retirement and fund the expense with a more flexible and efficient tax strategy exempt from FAFSA versus single use 529 plans.

Protection strategies to significantly minimize the loss of capital gains and principal in your stock and mutual fund portfolios

Special Needs Planning and Charitable Planning incorporating all of the above.

If we were able to provide that kind of service for you, would you want to discuss the opportunity?

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