Long Term Care Planning

Long-term care "planning" used to mean buying a policy -- typically, long-term care health insurance, and usually, with "use or lose it" benefits with a lack of any real cost certainty. This subject has all too often been discussed as an expense and we prefer to address it as an asset.


As with all the other components of the comprehensive financial plan, long-term care planning should not be an exception.  It takes a great deal of due diligence to determine the exact fit for each individual client's specific situation.  It would be incomplete planning to do anything short of incorporating this "missing piece" in planning for longevity because of the serious risk it exposes.


Our practice promotes the refocusing from standard “product” presentations to real customized “process” planning.  We realize that every client’s situation is different and is not a “one-size fits all”.  To give this the proper attention, we retain the services of our expert associate in Long Term Care Planning.

It is critically important to plan for future Long-Term Care needs as a well-designed and thorough Long-Term Care plan will help to achieve a variety of results, including.....

  1. Mitigating the involuntary risks associated with Long-Term Care needs.

  2. Allowing people to maintain their independence, and avoid becoming a burden on family/friends.

  3. Ensuring access to quality care and a choice of where care is received.

  4. Helping ease the multi-generational financial, emotional and physical impact of Long-Term Care.