The Private Reserve Strategy (PRS) Leverages Cash 2 Ways:


(1) Via the fundamental difference between amortized interest & compound interest in a two-fold manner so major purchases (college, cars, business equipment, etc.) & investments can be made in a more efficient manner while never interrupting the constant compounding of your money on a risk free & tax deferred basis at higher rates than other conservative vehicles & 


(2) Via the velocity & efficiency of money where $1 does more than one thing (benefits below vary depending on income, net worth, owner &/or employee, C Corps & Non-Profit qualifications): 

(a) business (not individual) contributions tax deductible, 

(b) C Corps & Non-Profits' contributions increase assets on their Balance sheets

(c) individual & or business contributions are leveraged 3 to 1 making up for lost time
(d) asset protection from attachment by creditors & legal judgments,
(e) maximum flexibility for business succession planning that can double tax free cash flow to the selling owner. Also, see Legal Documents.
(f) ever increasing tax free growth,
(g) provides a prudent balance between speculation & compounding,
(h) provides a prudent balance between uncertainty & certainly, unpredictable & predictable,
(i) liquidity, use & control of the cash for medical emergencies – terminal, chronic, critical illness (ALS, cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc)  & injury (coma, severe burns, traumatic brain,etc), 
(j) hedge against inflation & negative interest rates, 
(k) flexible tax free cash flow during retirement years that can be turned on & off,
(l) hedge against adverse sequence of returns, 
(m) an opportunity fund to take advantage of investment opportunities w/ tax free cash,
(n) a financing arm for any number of business ventures,
(o) flexibility to finance 100% the purchase & or remodel of income producing real estate, 
(p) value excluded from FAFSA formula re: qualifying for college financial aid, 
(q) tax free cash flow excluded from Medicare (MC) Part  B “means testing” for MC premiums,
(r) assists greatly in long term care planning & other medical needs - see (i) above,
(s) flexibility to “bail out” tax explosion retirement plans like 401ks & IRAs,
(t) no other retirement plan can match the benefits, uses, or flexibility,

(u) completely discretionary, do not have to cover all employees, not subject to ERISA & therefore an excellent retainer of key employees!