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For years, my wife and I thought we had a solid financial plan. We were contributing to my company's 401k, saving in IRAs and 529 plans, and working with a financial management company. We had some life insurance, disability insurance and many other insurances, plus a will in place in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In reality, it turned out that we were just guessing what our needs would be with many of these crucial financial decisions.


Once we used Global Strategies Group Ltd, those guesses became rock solid answers. These professionals taught us how to maximize our money for retirement and prepare for college for our children through detailed and protected means. They gave us the exact amount and types of insurance needed to safeguard our family. They taught us and made sure we understood each and every portion of our financial plan. They did all this with the utmost of professionalism, caring, trust, and ethics that one could hope for in a financial advisor.


The value received has been exceptional, and will pay dividends for our lifetime. Thank you so much Global Strategies Group Ltd.


John Burchfield, D.D.S Evergreen, Colorado

My experience with Harley Hunter prompts me to post a testimonial on this website to let anyone know who seeks honest, detailed, accurate information regarding financial planning. Over the years, I have experienced the usual litany of financial services people. These meetings were always hasty encounters invariably focused on their products with no comprehensive plan to inform my decisions. I have taken numerous classes myself to supplement what I perceive to be a lack of expertise in the financial services industry. This effort was equally frustrating.


Finding Harley has been a refreshing experience and a godsend. His unconventional and unique approach emphasizes financial education, strategies and processes on why and how the efficiency and velocity of money is much more important than seeking better rates of return. He takes the time, has extensive expertise, and is not motivated by selling yet another product to further complicate one’s financial portfolio, unless well thought out and clearly indicated by my objectives. He is patient, detailed and provides a comprehensive approach to financial planning. Without his help, I would not have the peace of mind I have been seeking in planning for my financial future.


The way I see it is this…..money is a proxy for one’s time….time is the most precious resource God gives us. As we try to be good stewards of our time, we need detailed, honest, comprehensive information to inform our decisions in light of personal, national, and international realities. Harley is the only person I have worked with around this important aspect of our lives who understands this and is willing to share his expertise in a unique, understandable, detailed and comprehensive way that focuses relentlessly on financial principles and strategies (that are not being taught) applicable to the client and his/her needs. THANK YOU, HARLEY!


Debora Scheffel PhD., Higher Education Administrator, Educator, Parker, Colorado

The best thing about dealing with Harley and his team is their attention to detail. Everything was laid out and gone over step by step and if I had any questions they were answered in an expeditious and detailed manner. I would highly recommend their service to anyone.


Chris Beckish, Avada, Colorado

Given his knowledge and experience, I feel his empathy with other people, desire to learn about them and then focus on their needs and objectives makes Harley a valuable person to deal with in matters of financial security… I personally can give my complete support and endorsement to Harley…


Bruce Bryan, President, Corner Stone Foundations, Inc., Franktown, Colorado

I write this letter to provide an endorsement for Harley Hunter and the Global Strategies Group. I have known Harley for over 25 years and know him to be a Christian man of high integrity and a man with strong moral character. In addition, as a former banker in Colorado and Chief Financial Officer of a large public company, I can testify to his superior financial knowledge and skills.


I believe many can benefit from his seminars and will find them useful in their financial planning. They will open up new possibilities for charitable gifts and will also provide a fresh insight on their current and future financial situation.


I am pleased to be able to recommend Harley and Global Strategies Group to those seeking greater financial perspective and understanding.


Jed Burnham, Evergreen, Colorado

Before engaging Harley Hunter and his Global Strategies Group, I thought "financial advisors" were merely a necessary evil. After the initial meeting with Harley I found that he is not a financial advisor. He is closer to a financial life coach. His approach is quite comprehensive not merely focusing on the financial value of money itself but where that money goes once it enters our control and how one may use it to grow what has been accumulated and to subsequently protect that accumulation. Dealing with Harley has been a refreshing and educational experience. You don't merely provide Harley with your numbers and then are presented with the results. Harley requires that you be intimately involved in the planning and that you fully understand where things go and what the results will be. Harley is dedicated to you and your plan and he is quite tenacious. The end result is an awareness of where you currently stand and a very comprehensive roadmap that will lead you to the destination you desire.


John W. Penney, Evergreen, Colorado

This letter is being written to endorse the new and innovative approach that Harley Hunter and his Global Strategies Group have developed to encourage charitable giving through “The World is Not My Home” program.


I have known Harley for several years and find his knowledge of personal and business finance to be both sophisticated and unconventional (only because what he teaches is not being taught by the financial community and should be), yet extremely practical and worthwhile. He gets to the “how to” very quickly.


I have been in the business of providing financial services to businesses, individuals and charities as a CPA, banker, credit card issuer, venture investor and professional board member for 48 years and have degrees in accounting and finance.


Harley recently reviewed the “The World is Not My Home” program with me and through his helpful iconographic approach shed some light on several opportunities of which I was unaware, but if implemented will provide enhanced wealth for individuals and support for eleemosynary organizations.


Organizations and individuals would find two hours with Harley listening to the details of the program to be a very enlightening and potentially profitable use of time.


David C. Beck, Evergreen, Colorado

Harley is able to clarify the fundamental truths about how money really works. These will allow you to leverage your money without risk and enable you to work on a number of objectives while experiencing the flexibility and efficiency necessary to exploit opportunities in various economic conditions.


His years of research and study provide a foundation of understanding and insight that can benefit anyone willing to listen to him.


Gary Wright, President, Mexican Riviera Properties, Evergreen, Colorado

This letter is written to affirm and recommend the services of my friend Harley Hunter and his charitable giving approach “This World is Not My Home.”


I have had two simultaneous careers that featured business and charitable work. I met Harley years ago through my business connections and have for the last few years served with him on various church boards and functions. I can speak to his broad integration of sound business practices and to his Christian ethics and desire to serve the kingdom of God. I have personally directed charitable planning sponsored by a Christian University and have been trained by some of the very best charitable planning organizations.


Harley is personally committed to the concept in Scripture found in James 1:22-25, “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror; for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was.”


To our shame most Christian charities teach and challenge their supporters regarding giving but very few implement what has been recommended. In essence we hold up a mirror and reveal the changes necessary but do not assist the donor in finding funds that can be redirected to the charity of choice without drastic changes in the life style the donor and his family have come to expect. Even if we do help the donor find the funds to increase giving we may not assist the donor in strategic implementation of the favorable changes in financial planning.


Because of these two failures, lack of strategic planning and implementation, the cause of Christ and the work of the Churches are both missing the mark of maximization of the mission.


While not all participants in Harley’s seminars will agree to get serious about the maximum implementation of their personal grace of giving, still each one will come away with at least a few beneficial strategies that they can apply. Some will respond and ask Harley to consult broadly with them for their own benefit as well as the benefit to their favorite charities.


Theron Messer, Denver, Colorado

My wife, Amy, and I have really benefited from a holistic approach to financial planning, risk evaluation and legal considerations as we plan for retirement and our kids’ college years. Harley’s personal work and life experiences are valuable in helping us develop effective short and long term plans for being the best possible stewards of our resources for us and our children.The robust process and education we receive provides complete spousal alignment and education on all matters related to us personally and inter-related with our business endeavors. The process allows for a third party to navigate the different financial values that we have as a couple and has resulted in a common language we use to make financial decisions. Annually, we use this process to deal with life’s realities and anticipate changes that lay ahead.


Mike Jones, Sr VP , The Armada Group Ltd.

Denver, Colorado


I highly recommend you contact Global Strategies Group Ltd if you want more control of your own financial destiny and are interested in investment strategies that reduce risk, protect your assets from avoidable tax exposure, and create wealth. I have known Harley Hunter, President and CEO of Global Strategies Group, for many years and know him to be highly ethical and of deep moral character and high integrity. He will walk you through various options of a broad strategy for protecting your net worth and building a nest egg for retirement, as well as exposing you to smart ways to invest for college for your children or grandchildren, if that is of interest.Harley has helped me identify and implement strategies to diversify and grow my net worth in ways that reduce risk, minimize tax implications, and increase protection against global uncertainty. I find his conservative approach to investment and preservation of capital to be very aligned with my own philosophy. For years, I focused on maximizing my investment return without sufficient attention to tax exposure. He properly refocused my perspective. So again, if this is something you are interested in, I recommend you get in touch with the Global Strategies Group by contacting Harley Hunter.


Raymond S. Colladay,

PhD Aerospace Engineering Executive

Golden, Colorado


I want the world to know about Harley Hunter. Aside from being a colleague in our Advanced Planning Strategies Alumni Group, I have the privilege of working beside him as the Long Term Care Solutions Specialist for clients of his companies - Global Strategies Group Ltd and Family College Planning Resources. From this unique angle, I personally experience his character, dedication to excellence and his genuine heartfelt concern about what happens in the future for his clients on many fronts both personally and financially. He is most unusual, extremely competent and highly respected. If you haven’t already worked with him, you will be in a better position when you do!

Lorry Ciporkin, CLTC
CiporkinCare Financial
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


We heartily recommend Harley Hunter and his companies, Global Strategies Group Ltd  and Family College Planning Resources!  Harley is easy to work with, sincerely caring about our success.  We had worked with two other financial planners in the past, and always left with more questions than we ever got answered.  Finally, after many years of self-education, and trying hard to figure out what to do financially, we were so fortunate to meet Harley.  

He has turned our entire world around by teaching us how to think about our resources and planning for our future.  He has done this not by selling us more products, but by educating us on and presenting the big picture,  tailored to our personal needs and situation. He carefully gathered our financial information and put it together in a unique way, creating a basis for trust. 

Harley learned how to communicate effectively with both of us so we came away from meetings with him feeling like our questions and concerns were being addressed in the personal way we had been looking for all these years.  

As a couple, we have benefited by coming to a mutual understanding and commitment toward our finances.  These things are huge for our happiness and peace of mind! Now our only regret is that we hadn't met Harley earlier in our  lives!  


Dan and Beth Snare,

Golden, Colorado

I sent the following email to about 20 engineers and managers within our company. They range in age from about 30 to 60.


We have been working with a financial advisor, Harley Hunter, for several years.  Initially, the focus was on planning for college expenses for my kids.  Ultimately, the focus changed to retirement. 


Harley brings a different perspective from some traditional views about how best to prepare for the future.  He helped us forecast our financial future past age 90, and develop a strategy to get there.  We have learned quite a bit, and feel more secure at least knowing that we have a plan in place.


It’s never too early to start planning.


No pressure.  This is not a company-related issue. I agreed to offer this because we appreciate Harley’s advice.


Ron & Marla McOmber

Littleton, Colorado

We have been engaged with Harley & his companies for almost 2 years now (October 2015). The entire process has been truly educational, a real eye opener & refreshingly non-traditional. We started with a detailed discovery of our financial wants & desires.


These objectives were then crystallized with insightful & substantiated economic concepts which uncovered areas where we had been losing money unknowingly (which no one else had ever shown or taught us before).  Thus, the process dispelled many of the financial & investment myths we had been fed and led to believe by the Wall Street machine.


We now have an overall comprehensive financial & legal estate plan for everyday budgeting, paying college expenses with mostly tax deductible dollars, and retirement funding that assumes increased taxes & inflation during our remaining working years as well as throughout our retirement years. 


As a result, we will have a substantial liquid financial buffer to weather the unknown, provide welcomed tax free sources of income while being much less reliant on stock market performance. Perhaps best of all is that Harley is doggedly persistent in monitoring our progress and keeping us on track and accountable. 


We are confident we will meet our short and long-term goals whereas in the past we were hopeful but really did not know; now we do. That's quite a difference!

Thanks, Harley!


Charles & Karen Valish Larson

Engineer & Hand Physical Therapist

Evergreen, Colorado

If we were able to provide that kind of service for you, would you want to discuss the opportunity?

I whole-heartedly endorse Harley Hunter as a financial advisor.  I have three kids, the first of which is starting college next year.  Before I was introduced to Harley I was constantly worried about the cost of college and how that would impact my assets and plans for retirement.  After several years of dealing with your typical "financial advisors", I found Jerry Robinson's Christian Financial Advisor Network (CFAN).  After contacting CFAN, I was introduced to Harley.  Harley took the time to get to know my family as well as our particular financial and life circumstances.  He took the time to educate us on the pros and cons of various strategies and even took the time to explain these strategies to my two oldest kids!  Harley helped us design a plan to safeguard our assets and use them efficiently to help fund college for our kids.  In addition to purely financial matters, Harley put us in contact with a host of higher education advisors to help ensure my oldest son choose a good school and a rewarding course of study.  The value we received from Harley and the Global Strategies Group has been outstanding. Thank you!


Brian Jean, Senior Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM

Excerpts from a CPA Letter to Clients

I have watched for the last 25-plus years what the best and brightest of the Wall Street financial
planning gurus have to offer. But when I sorted through it all, the conventional community’s approach
essentially consists of a myriad of marketing approaches designed to push more financial products and
get more assets under their management…frequently with more investor risk (like their fee structures,
for example) and very little permanent tax advantage.

In 2015, I was fortunate to attend a financial conference where Harley Hunter, CEO, Global Strategies
Group Ltd was speaking. …, Harley continued to show how … holistic, unconventional, yet proven no-
risk planning approach finds after-tax money that individuals, families and businesses are losing
unknowingly and unnecessarily! … His approach … create more certainty and predictability for your
financial lives, both personal and business.

… all over the world, there is a relationship between governments, banks and, other huge
moneyed interests. These entities are adept at making the rules of the financial game, but are not so
open to sharing the details and benefits of those rules – seemingly, according to how much of the slice
they want to flow their way. Harley … determined there are nine major areas where money is being lost
unknowingly and unnecessarily…

At my request, Harley has agreed to share and educate you on the fundamentals of his research. So, I’d
like to invite you to a series of small group, interactive webinars to meet and hear Harley as he
demonstrates his findings. As was true for me, I think you’ll enjoy a refreshing paradigm shift in your
financial thinking.

It’s actually quite simple to understand once you are exposed to these sound, well-documented financial
efficiency principles. Harley will prove that there is more to be gained financially by avoiding the
financial losses in life than in simply trying to pick the winners.

Robin McQuown CPA Inc
Norman, OK 73072

What Others Are Saying

Harley is an outstanding, thoughtful, and engaging financial planner. His financial approach is unique, challenges the status quo by minimizing opportunity loss, and revolutionized our financial approach to money management and retirement planning.  Harley is also very well connected with a vast field of trusted experts in Estate Planning, Long Term Care, College Financial Planning, etc, able to assist with additional resources to holistically manage one’s assets.  My interaction with Harley, and with his business associates, has been very rewarding and clearly revealed a seasoned depth in their respective Christian walks.

Frank & Amanda Martinho, respectively Engineer Project Manager & Electrical Engineer, San Jose, CA

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